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ALL Go Bags have a 5-year shelf life. However, our 'Ultimate Food Survival Kit' has a 25-year shelf life for food rations.

Each Go Bag Survival Kit is designed to sustain a specific number of adults for a minimum of 3 days (72-hours).   

However, some disaster kits are designed to sustain each adult up to 14 days. See the exact specifications of your particular kit.

The 1 Person Go Bag backpack kit weighs approx. 9 to 11 lbs. It could be less or more depending on how much water you include and how many personal items you have.

For easier carrying, the contents in all the kits are compact and lightweight

You should avoid heavy bags and overstuffing with items that are not essential for survival.

Packing only the necessary emergency gear, provides extra space for clothing and other personal items.

You may consider the rolling wheel bags if weight is a major concern.

We are available to answer any questions you may have.

For your convenience, you can reach out to us 24/7 by clicking 'Contact Us' on to top of our website menu bar.

You can also click the "SEND A MESSAGE" button at the bottom of the homepage.

Feel free to email us directly from your email browser. Email to: contact@bereadybags.com.

You can also call us at: 1- (800) -356-4480, Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm  EST. 

If you are not 100% satisfied with any product(s) purchased at Be Ready Bags, you can return your product(s) and receive your 100% refund within 30 calendar days of the shipping date. 

All orders are processed in 2 - 5 business days.  As world conditions continue to improve, most orders are being processed in 2 - 3 business days

Once your order has shipped, a tracking confirmation number will be sent to your email right away. With this tracking number, you can follow your package(s) until the carrier delivers it to your front door.

Selection of Go Bags Survival Kits is your own personal choice and preference. However, below are a few suggestions to consider when making your choice:


1). Good choice if you are able to carry 9 to 11 lbs without significant back discomfort.

2). You will be able to have both hands free and walk upstairs easier.

3). Because they tend to expand, you can get away with over-packing. (Not recommended)

-- WHEEL KITS (Duffle Style)

1). Easy to carry. You can roll or carry as a duffle bag.

2). Great choice if you have medical or physical limitations preventing you from carrying a backpack.

3). Often chosen by a family of 2 or more, especially if you may be traveling with small children.

4). Good if you are carrying heavy or excess contents (Not recommended).

** Note: If possible, It is recommended that all who are capable, have their own separate Go Bag Survival Kit, in case of possible separation during an emergency. However, please taken in consideration your own personal circumstances and check the suggestions of the "Society."

Although we anticipate being able to ship international in the near future, currently we are only able to ship within the United States. If you would like to be notified once we start shipping internationally, please add your name and email to our international waiting list.

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At Be Ready Bags, our Go Bags and Suvival Kits are intended to help all of us be prepare for that unexpected emergency, as we continue to be calm during these unprecedented times (Isaiah 30:15).  It's essential that we plan ahead and have our Go Bags packed and stored near an exit so we can easily grab and go during an emergency. For important life-saving steps See Ref:  Awake No. 5 2017 (When Disaster Strikes - Steps That Can Save Lives)