Preparing Made Easy -- #1 Rated Go Bags & Disaster Survival Kits -- Designed with extra space for personal items -- FREE shipping.  Go Bags JW -- Disaster Survival Kits and 2 Go Bags Jehovah's Witnesses.  Each survival kit has essential items that every Go Bag should have. Plus, there's plenty of space for adding other important personal items such as:  Change of clothes, your Bible and other ministry supplies.                             

Grab and Go:  JW Go Bags and Disaster Survival Kits are premade for an emergency.  We never know how or when a disaster will happen.  But we all know that planning ahead could be life-saving.  Be Ready Bags has selected the JW Survival Kit that has the supplies you are likely to need.  Items are in waterproof bags and organized for easy access. Our Go Bags For Sale are designed using advice from experts in the field of emergency preparedness.  


Disasters can happen unexpectedly and without warning - (Ecclesiastes 9:11).  Therefore, we want to do everything we can now to plan ahead.  No doubt, we don't want to be caught off guard without our Go Bags packed.  For important life-saving steps See Ref:  Awake No. 5 2017 (When Disaster Strikes - Steps That Can Save Lives)