Rucksack - Survival Backpack
Rucksack - Survival Backpack
Rucksack - Survival Backpack

Rucksack: Survival Backpack

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Heavy Duty Packing!

Rucksack: Survival Backpack is Strong with limitless Storage Capacity

  • Great as an emergency survival bag - If you need a bag that's super strong and durable with seemingly limitless storage capacity, then our RucksackBug Out Bags are a "must have".
  • Made from rip-resistant nylon fabric - It's lightweight and provides  exceptional strength and longer life.  The adjustable breathable straps can fit your body properly and the sternum strap can help with heavier loads used on a daily basis. 
  • Breathable mesh pads at the backside  - Makes for rapid air flow, while evening the weight to your back for ultra-relaxed carrying​.
  • Rugged and fashionable Rucksack Backpack - Offers practicality and convenience.  The large capacity main bag, plus the multiple function bags, let you travel without worry. 
  • A Ready-To-Go Bag Designed With Waterproof Material - Comes in many colors and gives you the option to choose a style of your liking whether hiking, trekking, camping or other outdoor activities.
  • Zipper closure, easy to open and close.
  • Inside made by waterproof material, wearable and durable.        
  • The shoulder straps are padded and can be adjustable with loops.
  • 5 inch waist belt and 1 inch sternum strap.
  • The back of the backpack is comfortably padded.
  • Colors: Black /  Green / Khaki      
  • Capacity:  50L-70L
  • Size:  40cm x 25cm x 50cm
  • Main pocket:  17cm x 37cm x 50cm
  • 1st front pocket:  29cm x 22cm
  • 2nd front pocket:  29cm x 5cm x 40cm
  • Computer pocket:  27cm x 40cm